Returns and Exchanges

If you have already gone through the troubleshooting process on the trouble shooting page or have spoken with us either on the phone or email and determined that your unit is not satisfactory, has a defect, or your simply not happy with the unit please follow the instructions below for returning all or part of your unit. Please keep in mind that returns for refund will be honored within 30 days of your purchase:

  1. Call or Email us so we know what's going on and can help problem solve or guide you on what to do next. We are extremely focused on serving our wonderful customers and really do want to make sure you have the best aroma diffuser in the world.  
    Phone 720 388 7339,  


  • Returns for Refund:

    • If you need to return your entire unit because you have spoken with our sales rep and have been instructed to do so or you are returning your unit for a refund because you are within your 30 day return period, please follow these instructions:

      1.  Clean out your glass bottle and cap and the top of your base with rubbing alcohol.

      2. Put all parts into their respective spaces in the original packaging box and tape the box shut.  Please do not use the USPS Regional A box that your unit came in, just use the product box.  

      3. Use USPS priority mail service and send the box to the address below

      4. If the unit was defective and purchased the unit in the last 30 days, we will refund you your shipping cost**

  • Returns for exchange or upgrade:

  1. If you are exchanging just part of your unit because it is having problems, have spoken with or emailed us about the issue, please follow the instructions below:​

  • Bottles, Caps and Power supplies:
    •  In most cases, unless otherwise requested to do so, we will not have you return these items, we will simply send you a replacement for these units.  Send us an email or call us to request a replacement to be sent.


    Wood base

    • Please either use the foam in the original packaging or wrap your wood base in bubble wrap and package in either a small box or padded envelope and send by normal first class post or priority mail to the address below. If being sent from the USA this should cost no more than about $4.   Be sure to use EXTRA padding when sending the base as the unit is prone to dings and dents from its trip in the mail. Extra padding weights almost nothing so costs very little to send.  

Once your unit has been receved we will repair and send it back or issue your refund. Please keep in mind that if returning your unit for a refund, the unit must be cleaned and in like-new condition. We will take deductions if there are parts that are broken or damaged.  For this reason it is very important that you properly package your returns and possibly purchase insurance on the return. 

Return Address

6971 Hunter Pl.
Boulder, CO. 80301