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How much oil to add to the ArOmis diffuser

The ArOmis Diffuser is very intuitive machine. However knowing how much oil to use takes a few tries to get it. Basically the rule of thumb on adding oils is this. 

On high power, the diffuser will output about 20 drops per hour for the 10min on/off units and 40 drops with the continuous operation unit. However on Low the unit will diffuse out less than 5 per hour and in some cases with thick oil, none at all. 

The chart below explains the amount of oil to use for different power levels at different number of hours of use but the calculation is basically Hrs of use x power level 

Low Medium High
1hr 5 drops10 drops20 drops
4hr20 drops40 drops80 drops
8hr40 drops80 drops160 drops
12hr continuous125 drops250 drops (Max 200- refill required)
480 drops  (MAX 200 - refill required)