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Individual Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Individual Aromatherapy Essential Oils

At ArOmis, we know that nothing comes close to delivering the perfect aromatherapy experience than high quality organic essential oils. 

As such, we offer a wide range of individual essential oils online with the assurance of all being certified organic essential oils that are 100% pure at a therapeutic grade. All of our organic essential oils are third party tested by internationally recognized organic certification agencies such as the USDA and EcoCert

We know that our quality is unbeatable in the essential oils market and when you choose to buy essential oils online, ArOmis offers an extensive range of individual essential oils that have been hand-selected for perfection. 

All of our organic essential oils come in either 10ml, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml sizes depending on the type of oil you choose to purchase. For those looking to enhance your aromatherapy experience, ArOmis also offers electric diffuser for essential oils that are specially designed using the best quality materials in the market for optimal relaxation.

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Botanical NamesCitrus BergamiaParts of Plant UsedFruit PeeledExtraction MethodCold PressedNote ClassificationTop/MiddleSuggested UsesFevers, Acne, Tension, Wounds, Coughs, Stress, Uplifting Mood ..

$6.43 Ex Tax: $6.43

Laurel (Bay Leaf)

Botanical NamesLaurus nobilisParts of Plant UsedLeavesExtraction MethodSteamedNote ClassificationTopSuggested UsesAmenorrhea, colds, flu, loss of appetite, tonsillitis ..

$7.83 Ex Tax: $7.83


Botanical NamesRavensara aromaticaParts of Plant UsedLeavesExtraction MethodSteamedNote ClassificationTop/MiddleSuggested UsesViral Infections, Liver Infections, Lung Infections, Respiratory Probl..

$7.85 Ex Tax: $7.85

Black Pepper

Botanical Name(s)Piper NigrumParts UsedSeedsExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested UsesAches and Pains, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, Arthritis, Muscle sorenes..

$11.23 Ex Tax: $11.23


Botanical Name(s)Chamaecyparis TaiwanensisParts UsedWood and BarkExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationBase noteSuggested UsesAboutArOmis has a unique supplier for our Taiwan ..

$23.03 Ex Tax: $23.03

Eucalyptus Smithii

Botanical Name(s)Eucalyptus SmithiiParts UsedLeavesExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationTop NoteSuggested UsesSore Throats, Coughs, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Skin Infections, Ulcers, Rh..

$6.31 Ex Tax: $6.31


Botanical Name(s)Helichrysum GymnocephalumParts UsedFlowering TopExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested Uses Rheumatism, herpes, hematoma, varicose ulcers, de..

$10.23 Ex Tax: $10.23

White Fir

Botanical Name(s)Abies concolorParts UsedNeedles and twigsExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested UsesInvigoration, relieve stress, muscle relaxation, Abou..

$47.10 Ex Tax: $47.10

Ylang Ylang

Botanical NameCananga OdorataParts of Plant UsedFlowerExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationBase/Middle NoteSuggested UsesPalpitations, Anxiety, Depression, High Blood Pressure; as a ..

$8.03 Ex Tax: $8.03


Botanical NameThymus VulgarisParts of Plant UsedLeaves & TwigsExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested UsesAnti spasmodic, anti rheumatic, anti septic, bacterici..

$10.63 Ex Tax: $10.63


Botanical NameCitrus LimonumParts of Plant UsedPeelExtraction MethodCold ExpressionNote ClassificationTop NoteSuggested UsesSore Throat, Nervous Conditions, Blood Pressure, Digestive Problems, Gallsto..

$6.43 Ex Tax: $6.43


Botanical Name Pelargonium GraveolensParts of Plants UsedHerbExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested UsesDepression, Menstrual Problems, Diarrhea, Diabetes, So..

$11.63 Ex Tax: $11.63

Clary Sage

Botanical NameSalvia SclareaParts of Plant UsedFlowerExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationTop to MiddleSuggested UsesDepression, Nerves, Sore Throat, Aches and Pains, Debility; Sedat..

$9.43 Ex Tax: $9.43

Eucalyptus Globulus

Botanical NamesEucalyptus Globulus Parts of Plant UsedLeavesExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationTop NoteSuggested UsesSore Throats, Coughs, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Skin Infectio..

$5.63 Ex Tax: $5.63

Green Cardamom

Botanical NamesElettaria CardamomumParts of Plant UsedLeavesExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationBase NoteSuggested UsesReducing spasms and nausea. It is also a strong digestive, ant..

$11.43 Ex Tax: $11.43

Lemon Eucalyptus

Botanical NamesCorymbia CitriodoraParts of Plant UsedLeavesExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationTop NoteSuggested UsesSore Throats, Coughs, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Skin Infections, Ul..

$6.63 Ex Tax: $6.63


Botanical NamesCedrus AtlanticaParts of Plant UsedBarkExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationBase NoteSuggested UsesAntiseborrhoeic,  Expectorant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, ..

$5.19 Ex Tax: $5.19

Cinnamon Leaf

Botanical NameCinnamomum VerumParts of Plants UsedLeavesExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested UsesGermicidal, antiseptic, anti fungal, anthelmintic, antidiarrheal..

$6.43 Ex Tax: $6.43

Clove Bud

Botanical NameSyzyygium AromaticumParts of Plant UsedBud & FlowerExtraction MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested Uses Toothaches, flu, sore muscles, arthritis..

$7.23 Ex Tax: $7.23


Botanical NameLavendula Angustifolia Parts of Plants UsedFlowerExtraction  MethodSteam DistilledNote ClassificationMiddle NoteSuggested UsesBurns, Inflammation, Cuts, Wounds,Eczema, Derm..

$7.83 Ex Tax: $7.83