Why You Should Use Essential Oils in Other Places than Home

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We all know how effective aromatherapy diffusers are in our everyday lives, however, many of us just stick to having one at home.


With the likelihood of parading around thinking you own the best nebulizer diffuser, having an essential oil nebulizer diffuser at home is only one of the many steps in maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by way of aromatherapy.


Fact of the matter is, with the average adult spending around 47 hours a week at work based on a report issued by Gallup, and a further approximate of 101 minutes spent per day driving, the home environment isn’t the only solution that could help you soothe your soul with organic essential oils.


Why You Should Use an Aromatherapy Diffuser for Car Rides


It isn't news when we say that getting behind the wheel can really stress many of us out. With personalities soaring to frustration and road rage, the stress on our mind and the negative flow of energy can be highly damaging to our health.


One of the best ways to placate your inner Mr. Hyde when in your car is to turn to using an aromatherapy diffuser for car rides.


Getting the right organic essential oils for the job is very important to nailing the aromatherapy car ride sessions. Not only are organic essential oils great for nice smells in your car, the significant impact these oils have on your mood are even more rewarding.


According to osteopathic physician Joseph Mercola, “Essential oils carry biologically active volatile compounds of flowers and plants in a highly concentrated form… They are, in many ways, the essence of the plant and can provide therapeutic benefits in very small amounts.”


We recommend using the following organic essential oils according to your driving needs.


For road rage, use frankincense, pine, ylang ylang, rosewood, and bergamot.


For drowsiness, use eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, and any citrus-based organic essential oils.


For car sickness, use peppermint, cardamom, orange, and ginger.


For focus issues, use bergamot, cinnamon, lemon, clary sage, and patchouli organic essential oils.


We warn against using any organic essential oils such as lavender and chamomile due to their soothing effects that can cause sleepiness which may place you in a dangerous position when driving on the road.


When using an aromatherapy diffuser for car rides, be sure to use a maximum of 2 drops of organic essential oils due to the small atmosphere in your car. Often times, one drop is enough to do the trick.


Why You Should Use an Aromatherapy Diffuser for Office Purposes


As stated above, with the average adult working approximately 47 hours a week in the US, it makes complete sense to use an aromatherapy diffuser for office purposes.


Offices, by nature, are rather stressful environments and there isn't a better way to calm your surroundings than having subtle wafts of pleasant aromas that also act to soothe your mind.


By adding aromatherapy into your work life, you will essential improve your health and overall wellbeing by reducing your stress levels.


Several businesses such as dental offices have already started utilizing an aromatherapy diffuser for office purposes in order to relieve stress, quell anxiety, uplift the mood, and even to enhance productivity.


Due to the effectiveness of aromatherapy in the office, we recommend investing in a high-quality essential oil nebulizer diffuser that guarantees optimal aromatherapy function. The use of an essential oil nebulizer diffuser is becoming more and more mainstream with the widespread recognition of aromatherapy benefits in organic essential oils.


The end result leads to a relaxed and calm work environment. Depending on the choice of organic essential oils used, effects could lead to counteracting mental fatigueness, apprehension, anxiety, fear, irritation, stress, and work-related tension.


By simply adding an aromatherapy diffuser for office purposes, you are essentially enhancing the work environment in a simple and cost-effective manner. 

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