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Top 10 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender oil is used expansively in aromatherapy and other purposes because of its antibacterial properties.


Lavender Essential Oil:


The oil is basically extracted from the flowers of Lavender (plant). It is extracted through the process of steam distillation.


The lavender essential oil is pure and is different from commercial oils, which are usually diluted. Due to its fresh and floral scent, it is used in aromatherapy and sold as perfumes. In addition, it can be used in making syrups, tea, lemonade, and aromatic beverages.


Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:


Different benefits of Lavender essential oil are listed below:


  • Helps in healing wound​


Studies state Lavender essential oil boosts the synthesis of collagen and heals tissues of the skin. Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil on the wound to promote healing. This oil is used to promote minor cuts, wounds, and bruises.


  • Relief from stress & anxiety


Lavender essential oil helps to give relief from headaches, stress, depression, and migraine. Using a few drops of essential oil in your water while taking a bath can reduce restlessness. Various studies show that lavender essential oil reduces anxiety and stress.


  • Deals with respiratory disorders


Lavender essential oil is used for treating different respiratory problems such as cough, cold, asthma, throat infection, sinus congestion, bronchitis, and tonsillitis. One can use it in diffusers or can directly apply to neck and chest. Due to its antibacterial properties, it can fight with a wide range of respiratory infections.


  • Enhances sleep


Lavender essential oil helps in treating insomnia. Rubbing a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillowcase and bed sheets ensures good sleep.


  • Fights acne


Lavender essential oil is well known for treating acne. It has many antibacterial properties which help in reducing the scars. Just add a few drops of lavender oil to your creams can prove really beneficial for healing acne and scars.


  • Improves blood circulation


The lavender essential oil is helpful in blood circulation. It is observed that lavender essential oil lowers blood pressure and effectively deals with hypertension. In addition to this, body is protected from risks including heart attack.


  • Bug repellent


Yes, it is true! Lavender essential oil is helpful in repelling bugs like mosquitoes and moths. Applying lavender essential oil on the exposed parts of the skin helps in preventing these bugs.


  • Helps indigestion


Lavender essential oil is helpful in digestion. The oil increases the production of gastric juice and bile which in turn speeds up the digestion and provides relief from indigestion and diarrhea.


  • Treat Eczema


Previously, you learned that lavender essential oil helps in treating acne and healing cuts. It has amazing properties that let it fight with eczema.


  • Anticancer properties


Studies show that some properties of lavender essential oil helps in treating cancer and promotes overall health.

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