How to Create the Ultimate Home Spa Experience

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Between office Christmas parties, shopping, and family get-togethers, the holidays are a stressful time. If you don't celebrate the holidays or otherwise don’t tend to feel overly “busy,” sometimes stress can come from loneliness and isolation.


There are several other things that can add to regular stress of the holidays: seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—depression which tends to come during darker winter months—can exacerbate existing stress and fatigue. We’re more likely to get sick with a cold or flu during the winter months as well.


Fortunately, there are quite a few things we can do to ease the stress and strain of the holidays, including simple self-care routines to use regularly throughout the year. One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to create a relaxing home spa environment using certified organic essential oils.


Read on for a few relaxation and pampering tips which are both affordable and easy to employ at any time of year.


Create a Relaxing Environment


The first thing you need to do before moving into the actual pampering part of your home spa experience is ensure that your space is clean, clear, and most of all, quiet. Try to schedule a time where you have the house to yourself, or at least make sure no one will bother you. This includes via phone, email and text—if you need to, tuck the phone away on a high shelf in another room!


You’ll also want to do a few other things: choose a favorite scent to add to your aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser, put on your favorite calming music, and get some supplies ready, such as:

  • Clean towels
  • A glass aromatherapy diffuser
  • Your favorite essential oils
  • Some candles
  • Lotion or oil infused with your favorite aromatherapy oils
  • Exfoliating scrub
  • Other favorite items you normally use to pamper yourself (e.g.: a nail kit or foam rollerball)


Make Some DIY Aromatherapy Products


Going to a luxury spa may be fun, but so long as you have a hot bath, a few essential oils, some clean towels and a quiet space, you can create your own home spa in just a few minutes. You can even make all-natural products right at home which require minimal preparation. Here are some examples:


  • Make a cleansing face mask with some raw honey and a few drops of lavender oil
  • Make your own DIY natural exfoliating scrub by mixing lemon or grapefruit essential oil with Epsom salt or even natural sugar. Blend about 10 drops of essential oil with about a cup of natural carrier oil, and then mix it all together. (This can also make a great gift!)
  • Create a personalized massage oil blend! Start with a base of jojoba or almond oil, then add a few drops of a grounding oil like geranium or frankincense.
  • Fill the sink with hot water, add a few drops of essential oil, and then inhale the steam. You can also use a washcloth to create a hot compress to soothe tired eyes and an aching head. 

Tie it All Together


Once you have everything in the same room you can then begin with the first steps of your spa experience. Start by dropping a few drops of a relaxing oil like lavender into a nebulizing aromatherapy diffuser, then dip into a hot bath or use a sink full of hot water to let your face relax. Lastly, you’ll want to wrap yourself up in a cozy robe or blanket, and lie on your back on a yoga mat, taking deep breaths and letting every part of your body completely relax.


Give the Gift of Self Care


One of the best things that you can do for a loved one or yourself is offer a gift of relaxation. Everyone could use a little break, so why not create a personalized “spa” gift package for someone you love? Consider including a home-made scrub or massage oil, along with a glass nebulizer diffuser and a few aromatherapy essential oils as part of your gift package.


If you’re looking for a unique and practical gift idea, check out our website for a selection of all-natural glass and wood nebulizer diffusers.

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