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How to Use Essential Oils for Poison Ivy?

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You must be familiar with Poison Ivy; you know that you would do everything to get relief from its harsh symptoms. Fortunately, there are different ways to prevent and cure this disease. Essential Oils are the best way to treat Poison Ivy and recover from it.


What is Poison Ivy?


Poison Ivy is a plant and an allergic reaction associated with it, which causes itchy red rashes on the skin. When a person comes into contact with Urushiol, substance inside the plant, rashes start developing within 2 days.


However, Poison Ivy is not communicable and cannot be transferred from another person.


The most effective remedy for Poison Ivy has not been recognized till now. It is better to avoid the plant. It is a medium-sized plant that can grow as a vine or a single plant.


If it is late for prevention, next thing is you need to wash your body and clothes as soon as possible.


How to get relief from Poison Ivy?


There are many remedies to get relief, however very few are effective with no side effects. The best way to learn whether your medicine has any toxic material is by checking out their ingredients. Essential oils are really effective in treating the symptoms of Poison Ivy.


Find the best Essential Oils for Poison Ivy


Chamomile Oil


It is one of the best way to heal skin inflammation. Applying chamomile essential oil twice a day is very helpful and beneficial.


Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus essential oil is extracted from a tree, named Eucalyptus, useful in dealing with an infection. It prevents the flaking after the poison ivy breakout.


Frankincense Oil


It is really beneficial and used in several ways. This frankincense essential oil helps in promoting skin healing and relieves skin from infection due to scratching.


Lavender Oil


Lavender essential oil is known for delivering good results for treating skin and mind disorders. It is used to reduce the pain of poison ivy and soothe inflammation.


Oregano Oil


Oregano oil is a powerful means to prevent Poison Ivy to reduce inflammation and pain. It has analgesic property and carvacrol, bacteria-killing compound.


Easiest ways to use essential oil to Treat Poison Ivy


A soothing compress:


Take a cup of pure water and add 5 drops of essential oils, from any of the above. Stir the water and dip a cloth in it. Apply it to your rashes. It will soothe and provide relief.


Use Oil:


Coconut oil is best for Poison Ivy as it has inherent antimicrobial properties.


Mix 1 Oz Coconut oil, 2 drops Frankincense essential oil, 2 drops of Tea Tree essential oil and 1 drop Chamomile essential oil. Apply this oil to the rash.



Healing Poison Ivy Clay:


Here is how you can prepare your own healing Poison Ivy clay.

Mix together the following and apply to the rash:

1 oz bentonite clay
2 drops peppermint essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
1 drop myrrh essential oil
Water (as much as required)


Where do we get essential oils?


Learn the following tips to get the best essential oils:


  • Make sure the essential oils should not contain any additives.
  • Check whether they steam distilled or cold-pressed.
  • Check to see the country.


You can browse the website and buy certified organic essential oils online.

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