The Different Types of Diffusers and Which Ones are Better

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If you know a thing or two about diffusing essential oils, you would have heard that plastic is an absolute “must keep away from” when dealing with essential oils.


Why, you may ask?


Put simply, plastics do not react well to undiluted essential oils. By putting your precious organic essential oils in any form of plastics be it plastic bottles, containers, or even a plastic aromatherapy diffuser, you are affecting the properties of your essential oils.


The reaction of plastics and essential oils lead to the ultimate deterioration of the aromatic and therapeutic compounds of what makes your essential oils perfect for aromatherapy. Also, oils are known to react with plastics by degrading it over time which in turn leaves a negative mixture of plastic debris inside your essential oils - something you do not want to be diffusing and breathing in!


Do note that essential oils that contain citrus have a higher chance of negative reactions with plastics so take extra caution when diffusing citrus essential oils in plastic diffusers or keeping them in plastic bottles. Many manufacturers will void their warranties on their plastic diffuser products should you introduce citrus essential oils to the product.


So, what’s the solution for this?


Use glass instead. By using a glass aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse your precious essential oils, you will be keeping the purities of your oils intact. This then allows the optimal release of essential oil compounds which make up the beautiful scent of your essential oils as well as the beneficial properties such as antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties that it may contain.


When searching for a glass aromatherapy diffuser, you will notice that many essential oils diffusers are made of glass on the outside with plastics making up the chamber on the inside. The best way to avoid falling for this trap of investing in a glass diffuser that only has glass in the exterior but has plastics in the exterior is to buy an essential oil nebulizer diffuser as those are mainly made of glass.


An essential oil nebulizer diffuser makes the most out of pure and undiluted essential oils rather than dilute them which defeats the purpose of fully enjoying your favorite scents and smells. Essential oil nebulizer diffusers will usually have an attachment glass bottle or a glass chamber which ensures the safety of your essential oils.


One of the ways to spot a high-quality glass aromatherapy diffuser is by looking for a wood and glass oil diffuser. The fact that wood is used together with the glass bears a very natural and authentic appeal of which many manufacturers do not take the time and effort to create.


Investing in a wood and glass oil diffuser will reward you with an amazing aromatherapy experience due to how natural both elements are (glass being made of sand unlike plastic which is manmade).


You should also consider finding a glass diffuser when looking to purchase car aromatherapy diffusers as the negative effects of plastics still hold weight despite the size of your diffuser.


Here at ArOmis, we specialize in creating an essential oil nebulizer diffuser that is made entirely of glass to ensure that you achieve the most luxurious aromatherapy experience possible. We also provide oil diffuser replacement parts to ensure convenience for all our customers along with the highest quality materials for all of our oil diffuser parts.


We value customization and offer over 16 styles to choose from when creating your glass aromatherapy diffuser which is also an essential oil nebulizer diffuser. We stay true to our wood and glass oil diffusers and only provide the highest quality wood and glass, when creating our essential oil diffusers, throughout the aromatherapy industry.

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