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Why Should You Take Cranberry Seed Oil? Go Through Its Benefits and Uses!

12/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Essential Oils,


Antioxidants are what our bodies need the most in this age when modern-day diseases are lurking their fear all the time. People take varied sources to stay safe from ailments and prefer antioxidants from medicines and other supplements.


What if you get these antioxidants in oils? Yes, numerous oils carry these qualities and keep you protected from countless health issues right away. One of those oils is Cranberry oil that is quite effective and useful for skincare. Here in this write-up, you will get all the details regarding cranberry oil and how could it benefit you!


Know About Cranberry!


Cranberries are basically 2-8 feet in length, having wiry & slender stems with small evergreen leaves grow on it. These grow with dark pink flowers, which grow in several clusters. The oil extracted from cranberry seeds are brimmed of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It merely means it gets absorbed into the skin quickly and hydrates the skin all the time. It carries essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy skin.

Cranberry seed oil is extracted from the berries after converting the seeds into oil via the cold pressing process.


Uses of Cranberry Seed Oil


  • The scars on the skin get lowered down
  • It’s quite good for body massage
  • It strengthens the scalp and hair if applied & massaged properly
  • It provides sheer satisfaction from eczema, psoriasis, and treats acne quickly!


These were the old beliefs that the uses of cranberry seed oils are limited to just it. However, it surprisingly carries a plethora of privileges under its bracket. It overall bestows people with an abundance of benefits that no-one can even think before. Go through it!


Premium Benefits!


  • Healthy Heart


It promotes heart health and lowers down the chances of cardiovascular issues. Blood clotting becomes the prime reason for major heart attacks. Cranberry seed oil prevents blood clotting and helps the heart live healthily.


  • Urinary Tract


Bacterial or other infections in the urinary tract are quite common now. These issues let the bacteria build-up to bladder walls. Cranberry oil consists of proanthocyanidin that helps in preventing these bacteria and make you feel the comfort all the time.


  • Strengthened Bones


Calcium is a prelude to bone health. Cranberry subsumes enough amount of calcium that plays a useful role in maintaining bone health.


  • Immunity Build-Up


For proper immune functions, cranberry seeds carry Vitamin C that works on enhancing the immunity system and also counteract the infections.


  • A Great Antioxidant


For counteracting the aging process, cranberries are effective media. It overall works to curtail the degeneration of brain cells, skin cells, and organ tissues. Also, it prevents free radical damage.


  • Kick Out Oral Problems


Mouth bacteria can be scaled down by regular use of cranberry oil. It improves oral health with its antibacterial properties.


  • Good Digestion


H. Pylori bacteria is responsible for stomach issues. Cranberry oil maintains a healthy gut and cut down the chances of stomach infections and ailments.


The long litany of benefits doesn’t just end here. Cranberry seed oil consists of countless benefits that can help to improve your overall health. Proper growth & development, heart health, brain health, elimination of toxins or healthy kidneys, testicles, prostate, bladders, etc. it covers each aspect of human health.


Suggested Use of Oil!


To use this oil to your skin, just take 5-8 drops in your hand and do gentle massage on your skin. You might need more oil for larger body parts.


What Precautions Should You Take?


  • Usually, this oil is favorable to all. But following precautions should be considered while using it!
  • Don’t use it in excessive quantity
  • Pregnant ladies should not use it
  • Lactating women should first take doctor’s advice before taking it
  • People having nut allergies should avoid taking it


Try It!


Its seamless benefits can surprise you in one way or another. The regular usage can save you from several skin issues besides providing you an abundance of health benefits. ArOmis is offering Cranberry seed oil at a very affordable price range. Grab it today by visiting our online store!

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