The Best Ways to Use Citrus Essential Oils in the Home

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Did you know that citrus-based essential oils have many uses around the home? Not only do they make amazing cleaning agents, but when they’re inhaled, they can even help to improve your health and mood.


Citrus is, in general, an amazingly uplifting, refreshing and revitalizing scent which appeals to most tastes. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular citrus scents, their characteristics and best uses.


Why Citrus Oils Rule


Even if you’re not familiar with essential oils, you are already familiar with citrus scents — the warming, grounding smell of orange and clove might conjure up holiday baking memories, or the refreshing scent of lemon might remind you of a sip of cool lemonade on a hot summer’s day. 


There are plenty of essential oils with antibacterial and antiviral qualities. But one reason why citrus oils rule is that they have a more pleasing scent than some of their stronger counterparts like eucalyptus and tea tree.


This makes them wonderful cleaning agents and excellent bases for air fresheners, too. Adding a few drops of citrus-based certified organic essential oils an aromatherapy diffuser is a great way to purify and energize the air without “scaring” people away!


4 Citrus Favorites


There are several different citrus oils to choose from. Below is a list of a few of the most popular citrus essential oils, along with a few key properties and characteristics.


1. Bergamot is an oil extracted from the Seville orange and you may recognize it as the key flavor in Earl Grey Tea. It’s a proven antibacterial agent and has a fairly heavy, sweet scent.  

2. Sweet orange is a heavier, warm smell which is typically familiar and pleasant. Orange is a great degreaser, and when used in combination with clove or ginger can make a wonderful holiday air freshener.

3. Grapefruit is a familiar zesty scent which, like the other citrus scents, is perfect for all kinds of cleaning. It’s extremely uplifting, and may even help with weight loss. 

4. Lemon is probably the most-recommended oil to use because it’s simply miraculous for household cleaning. It can help brighten the atmosphere in your home, clear toxins from the air, and even boost your immune system.

Note: When blending different oils, a good rule of thumb is to use less of those oils with heavier or sweeter scents, and more of the ones with lighter, fresh scents. As you experiment, start with a single drop of heavy oil and a few of light oils in a small amount of water, and work your way up from there.



How to Use Citrus Oils to Clean Your Home


Citrus oils are great for cleaning around your home and leave behind a natural, fruity scent rather than a (potentially) toxic, commercial cleaner scent.


Simply add a few (5-10) drops of your favorite oil or blend for every 16 oz of water, along with some natural soap and/or vinegar for your floors, countertops, sponges and even your dishes.


A few ideas for household cleaning:


  • Add a few drops or a blend to a small spray bottle to keep in the bathroom as a deodorizer
  • Add a few drops with some vinegar to a large spray bottle to clean countertops 
  • Use a few drops at the bottom of your garbage bin or shoe storage area to help prevent odor buildup


Why Citrus Oils are Ideal for Diffusers



Using your favorite aromatherapy essential oils in a home diffuser has plenty of benefits, and citrus in particular is always uplifting.


Adding just a few drops of citrus essential oil in a glass aromatherapy diffuser can help your home, car or office keep that squeaky-clean feeling. 


Even if you don’t use essential oils very often, or if you are new to using them and not sure which ones to buy, you will never regret adding a citrus-based essential oil to your collection.


We offer a range of essential oils as well as wood and glass diffusers for helping you to clean and brighten your home.


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