The Best Essential Oils for Wrinkles and Face Care

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Have you ever wondered how to incorporate natural essential oils into your skincare routine?


Are you looking around for natural options for skin care, but been intimidated about the products out there?


Regular skin care products can contain a ton of ingredients, some of which may be even questionable when it comes to safety. Not only that, but they can be extremely expensive.


Organic aromatherapy essential oils, on the other hand, are a natural and affordable alternative for almost any type of skin problem.


Whether you’re worried about acne, wrinkles, dry skin or oily skin, most of us look for a little boost from time to time to help our faces feel light and youthful.


If you are tired of sagging, dull, dry or even oily skin weighing you down, and spending too much money on skin care products that don’t seem to help, try a few of these to pick you up.


SAFETY NOTE: If you are using essential oils topically, never use them undiluted. We recommend blending a few drops into a mild carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil before applying them to the skin.


1. Frankincense


Frankincense oil is a pungent, musky and heavy-smelling oil which has a number of incredible uses, with one of its key properties being that it’s an anti-inflammatory. For, the skin, it’s great for reducing the appearance of all kinds of spots (including acne and sunspots), shrinking enlarged pores, and evening out skin tone.

Regular use of frankincense has been shown to lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars. It’s also a great cleansing ingredient for daily care.


(You’ll definitely want to dilute this one and use it sparingly as it can be quite strong.)


2. Lavender


Lavender is a key essential oil that should be a top choice—not only for its pleasant smell but also for its incredibly vast array of uses.

As for the skin, lavender helps to combat free radicals, the compounds which cause cell damage related to aging. Lavender also makes an excellent moisturizer for dry skin, and may also help to reduce the appearance of scars.


Blend a few drops of lavender with aloe vera or coconut oil if you have a burn or a minor cut and you’ll heal faster with less scarring.


3. Lemongrass


Lemongrass can help to reduce the appearance of all kinds of skin problems from fine lines to stretch marks. It also makes a great smelling tonic for your scalp and hair and will not only give hair some extra bounce and sheen but till help to kill the fungus that kills dandruff.

The uplifting scent of lemongrass not only clears the air when used in home fragrance diffusers, it makes a great daily cleanser for toning and brightening the skin.


4. Clary Sage


Like some of the other aromatherapy oils on this list, clary sage is an excellent antioxidant, which means that it effectively kills free radicals, the chemicals that damage cells and cause aging. One reason for this is that it contains linalyl acetate, a compound known to positively counteract inflammation, tone and cleanse all types of skin.

Why not give aromatherapy essential oils a try?


Whether used directly on the skin or inhaled via an aromatherapy oil diffuser, the regular use of organic essential oils on your skin and even throughout your home will help to refresh and relax your body, mind and spirit, every day.


Purchasing a few bottles of your favorite scents is always a worthwhile investment, not only because most of these oils offer all kinds of benefits, but because you only need a few drops at a time.


Want to learn more about the many benefits of aromatherapy oils or how to choose the best aromatherapy diffuser? Visit our website today!

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