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Repel Roaches Naturally By Counting on Essential Oils!

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Spotting roaches are never entertaining! Especially when you spot it around or inside your home, then getting final riddance from it becomes quite daunting beyond any doubt. So, what do you do when you detect a cockroach at your house? Either you call a professional exterminator or might spray out bug sprays that contain toxic elements within it.


Well, leave all these unhealthy options. You will be surprised to know that certified organic essential oils can miraculously keep roaches at bay besides giving you health benefits. Yes, you can simply resort to this secure way by counting on pure organic essential oils right away.


So, which oils are the best roaches repellants? Get the details here!



1) Peppermint Oil



Peppermint oil is well known for its outstanding fragrance and several health benefits. However, few are the people who knew that this oil could also prove as an excellent repellent to several animals, including mice, roaches, etc.


The reason is, the pleasant smell of peppermint oil seems good for humans but not for animals, and they stay away from the area having this oil sprinkled.

Way to Use!


To use this oil as a repellant to animals, you can simply mix it’s ten drops into a quart of water. After mixing it well, just spray the mixture around your entire house. You can spray it more o the areas where likeliness of cockroaches is high. You can start it around the heat or water pipes as these are the places where roaches can definitely come. You can sprinkle it at every nook & corner and stay safe.



2) Cedar Essential Oil



The well-known fact about the cedar tree is that in the whole forest, only this tree doesn’t get any sort of problems with insects. The reason is, any insect that comes in its contact can actually lose their lives as it’s a natural insecticide. It smells so deliciously that anyone can fall in love with it.


But for insects, it’s nothing but an invitation to death. So, all types of insects stay away from this tree. As no bug can actually touch it, it’s durability is quite high contrasting other trees.  

Way to Use!


There’s no different method to use this oil. You can take it a diluted form or dilute it first before using it. Now you can simply spray the oil to your entire home. Within no time, the place will get filled with Rustin cabin smell, which means no cockroach issues.



3) Cypress Essential Oil



Cypress oil that is well known as a stress reliever and a good cure for wounds also has some other surprising features that help you stay safe forever. Cypress oil is also prevalent as roaches repellent. It helps you to keep your surroundings safe from germs and bacterial infections caused by roaches.

Way to Use!


The best way to use this oil is to blend it with peppermint oil. The combined efficacy of both oils makes it possible to have positive outcomes instantly. You can mix eight to ten drops of this oil with peppermint oil and sprinkle o the most inviting areas of the home for roaches.   



4) Oregano Essential Oil



As per one study, among several essential oils, oregano oil comes out to be the most effective and result-oriented oil to repel roaches. It carries the highest repellant effects, and even about 97% cockroaches can be repelled by using it. Also, it lasts for a week with residual effects. So, you can surely resort to this option.  

Way to Use!


Take the diluted form of oregano oil and sprinkle it around your house. It will help you get protected from roaches to a great extent. You can even keep the glass essential oil diffuser to spread the oil into the air.



Final Call!



Essential oils do leave a considerable impact on saving your home from roaches. Though an abundance of unusual and unfavorable claims regarding essential oils, yet the truth is, these are really very useful in keeping the roaches away. 


For the best and quality essential oils, ArOmis can indubitably the best option you could have. Just reach the store online and pick the oils you want for your home.


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