Which Essential Oils Can Help With Joint Pain?

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Though the pain in any part of the body can make you hapless, joint pain is severe among all. Joint pain can jam-pack that particular body part and doesn’t even let the person move it quickly. The swelling, stiffness, and overall joint pain boost the person to take any damn treatment to stop it anyhow. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining in the cloud, and you can surely get relief from this stubborn regular pain.


In stopping this pain, essential oils can surely prove as a savior. For centuries, people are using plant-based oils and have been getting positive results as well. Though essential oils can never be contemplated as a permanent treatment, surely these are quite effective in relieving the person from pain.


Let us know how essential oils can help you and what sort of Eos available out there to treat joint pain!


How Do Essential Oils Play a Significant Role in Beating Joint Pain?


Essential oils are enriched with minerals and nutrients as these are extracted from stems, fruits, leaves, flowers, and even branches of the plants. It ultimately helps in soothing arthritis, inflammations, and pain. Moreover, most of these oils subsume antioxidants, which create anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. These effects alleviate the pain and bring down inflammatory symptoms. Even certain essential oils work exactly as pain-killing medications.   


Essential Oils to Relieve Joint Pain!




1). Eucalyptus Oil



Eucalyptus oil works like magic in joint pain as it is brimmed with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. As per the studies, by inhaling this oil, pain, inflammation, and even blood pressure can get lowered down.



Way to Use!


  • You can apply this oil in the gel or diluted form.
  • Adding a few eucalyptus oil drops in warm water or inhaling it is also beneficial as per the specialists.
  • It certainly reduces the pain and inflammation. You can easily purchase it from the ArOmis online store.


2). Lavender Oil

The next essential oil with goodness to heal joint pain is lavender oil. With one time massage, you will start realizing the relief from
your pain. It’s quite useful in joint pain. 

Way to Use!

  • One can add the warm water or apply it to the affected area or even can directly inhale it to get the relief. 
  • The person can take 5ml of lavender oil and sweet almond oil mixture and massage it to the affected area for nine times in three weeks.



3). Frankincense Oil



The history of frankincense oil is so vast. It is a dried sap of the tree. For years, this oil has been used to treat inflammation, chronic pains, and even to heal several ailments.


It is quite useful for joint pain, too, as it contains Boswellic acids enriched with analgesic and inflammatory properties. Even these acids can successfully prevent cartilage damage and alleviate autoimmune responses. 


Way to Use!



  • Apply it to the affected area.
  • This oil is also marketed in capsules, which subsumes bout 60% of boswellic acid and are quite helpful.



4). Peppermint Oil



Peppermint is usually used for a plethora of purposes, and so is peppermint oil. It carries special ingredients such as limonene and menthol, which exclusively work as great healers. So, it comes with several health benefits besides the reduction of inflammation.  


This oil complements anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, analgesic properties that lead to the removal of stiffness, and overall joint pain.


Way to Use!


  • You can directly be brewed or added to water to prepare tea.
  • You can apply to the affected joint directly and massage it for relief.
  • It shouldn’t be used during pregnancy and postpartum.



5). Orange Oil



Orange is blessed with an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, and so is the orange oil. As per the recent studies, the inhaling of orange oil has provided the best results to the patients of fractured limbs. It’s an excellent complementary treatment that bestows relief from severe joint pain.


Way to Use!


  • Apply the diluted to the affected area.
  • Give a massage of this oil to reduce arthritic pain.
  • For a more relaxing effect, add this diluted oil to your bath. It will relieve you considerably from joint aches.



6). ​Basil Oil



Basil oil is well known for its therapeutic compounds present in it. It subsumes linalool and 1.8-cineole compounds that are specifically known for their anti-inflammatory effects, which ultimately reduces pain and swellings in joints.


Way to Use!


  • Apply the oil and do massage on the affected area or joint pain zone for ultimate relief.




Essential oils can surely prove as quite effective in mitigating chronic joint pain. However, it should be noted here that it’s not a solution to the problem. These are just pain relievers and not end solutions.


So, take it beside your treatment. You can apply any of these diluted oils to a small skin patch, just for testing the reaction. If you feel any irritation, then just leave using it.


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