An Epic Guide to Organic Essential Oils Benefits (Part 2)

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Continuing on from Part 1 of our amazing journey into exploring the best organic essential oils benefits and uses comes Part 2!


But before we dive right into essential oils benefits and how you can use specific aromatherapy essential oils to help you soothe your soul, we’d like to remind you that the best way to get the most out of your aromatherapy experience is by using an essential oil diffuser purposed to diffuse organic essential oils.


By doing so, you will be retaining as much purity of the essential oils which will then be released into the air around you with longer and more lasting effects.


Without further ado, here is our continued list of organic essential oils, what benefits they have, and how you can use them in your daily life.


6. Lavender


One of the most popular essential oils on the market, Lavender has made its name not just by scent but by benefits as well. Here’s what it’s great for:


  • Relaxation of your body and mind

  • Easing any tensed muscles and stiff joints

  • Healing skin irritations


7. Lemon


If you enjoy the scent of fresh and clean, you’ll fall in love with Lemon essential oils. Bearing the fact that lemon has always had a history of health benefits, you wouldn’t be surprised to find that essential oils containing lemon help to:


  • Boost your immune system

  • Freshen up the scent in your room

  • Cleans, heals, and brightens your skin or any surfaces it comes into contact with


Despite having many essential oils benefits, lemon essential oils are phototoxic due to the acidity levels which means you should not expose yourself to direct sunlight after applying it onto your skin.


8. Lemongrass


Loved very much in South East Asian cuisine, Lemongrass has a strong scent that is often associated with being calming and relaxing. That said, essential oils containing lemongrass are great for:


  • Easing headaches

  • Calming stressed minds

  • Improving immune systems

  • Relaxing tensed muscles


We, however, advise that pregnant women should not use lemongrass essential oils for safety reasons.


9. Lemon


Similar to Lemon essential oil is great for:


  • Giving your room a refreshing smell

  • Calming your stomach

  • Increasing your appetite

  • Antiviral and Antibacterial properties

  • Improving your breathing and respiration


10. Oregano


For those who’d like to bring a little kitchen magic into your aromatherapy experience, you’ll be thrilled to find out that essential oils containing oregano have a wide array of positive benefits such as:


  • Improves scar healing

  • Enhances your immune system

  • Acts a discomfort reliever

  • Helps regulate menstruation

  • Contains antibacterial properties to fight infections


It is advised that pregnant women, nursing women, or individuals who have been diagnosed with allergies relating to Lamiaceae, should not use Oregano essential oils.


11. Peppermint


Peppermint essential oils are great for:


  • Supporting the digestive system

  • Relieving headaches

  • Stimulating blood circulation

  • Encouraging hair growth


It is strongly advised that individuals who are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy should stay away from using essential oils containing peppermint.


12. Rose


For the romantics, essential oils containing rose will have you swooning head over heels in love. Not only does it have a great scent, rose essential oils are also great for:


  • Increasing libido

  • Antibacterial applications particularly relating to acne

  • Encouraging relaxation

  • Reducing menopause symptoms by way of massaging it into your skin

  • Reducing redness and swelling


13. Rosemary


If you’re looking for kick inactivity, Rosemary essential oils will do the trick. Here are some great essential oils benefits it has:


  • Enhances cognitive skill and mental performance

  • Contains antioxidants great for overall health and wellbeing

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Acts as an inflammation reducer


Despite its appeal, it is advised that those who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or are susceptible to seizures, should stay clear from essential oils containing Rosemary.


14. Sandalwood


Sandalwood essential oils are great for:


  • Antibacterial, Antiviral, or Anti-Inflammatory application

  • Combating skin cancer

  • Achieving a more peaceful and well-rested sleep

  • Stimulating your body and mind

  • Moisturizing your dry skin


15. Tea Tree


If there’s one type of essential oil that has been used time and time again for traditional treatments, it’s tea tree oil. Also known as Melaleuca, tea tree essential oil are renowned for:


  • Improving acne

  • Reducing irritation

  • Antibacterial and AntiFungal properties

  • Reducing unwanted odors

  • Removing fungal infections


We hope you enjoyed reading about the essential oils benefits and how you can use specific organic essential oils as part of your daily routine.


Be sure to let us know what you think and share your aromatherapy experiences in our comment section below!

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