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4 Essential Oils That Will Get Rid of Your Headaches

Posted by Admin 08/05/2018 1 Comment(s)


With millions of Americans experiencing headaches and migraines on a daily basis, the need for an effective remedy that is safe and harmless has become increasingly important.


People get headaches and migraines for so many reasons. Some of these reasons include stress, anxiety, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, allergic issues, nutrition deficits, addictions such as drugs or alcohol. One of the major causes of headaches for women is due to hormonal changes resulting in estrogen fluctuations.


Common remedies for headaches and migraines are painkillers which come in pill forms. These conventional methods bear the risk of side effects ranging from nausea, further headaches, and in more severe cases, liver and kidney damage without dealing with the root problem.


As a natural alternative to conventional medicine, organic essential oils have proven to be very effective and safe method in relieving headaches and migraines due to treating the trigger responsible for causing the problem. These aroma diffusers oils work extremely well when combined with aromatherapy diffusers due to the even dissipation of the organic essential oils into the air around you. Once these oils are inhaled into your lungs, you gain the maximum benefit from the aromatherapy diffuser oils.


Here are our top 4 favorite essential oils that work effectively to help get rid of your headache problems


1. Peppermint essential oil



With several used and benefits that last over long periods of time, peppermint essential oil is one of the more popular organic essential oils in the aromatherapy market. Some of the benefits of peppermint essential oil include cooling down of your body system, inhibition of muscle contractions, increased stimulation of blood flow and circulation, as well as a soothing and relaxing effect.


Peppermint essential oils have been reported to help alleviate tension headaches by relieving stress areas without any adverse side effects.


2. Lavender essential oil


With a bunch of therapeutic properties that help cure many ailments, lavender essential oil is probably the most well known essential oil in the aromatherapy industry. One of its most favored effects is the relaxation it provides that helps relieve stress, tension, and anxiety.


Lavender essential oil acts as a natural sedative, antidepressant, and calming agent which works effectively in treating any conditions or disorders relating to the neural system.


Research has shown that making use of lavender essential oils in the aromatherapy way directly affects the limbic system due to both linalool and linalyl acetate being absorbed through your skin which works as a counter against depression in the central nervous system. This is the main reason why lavender essential oil works so effectively in helping get rid of headaches naturally and safely.


Further, lavender oil improves your sleep and counters restlessness, disturbed sleep, and insomnia. As mentioned previously, headaches can be caused by fatigue which is a result of lack of proper sleep. Lavender essential oils can also help regulate your serotonin levels which is responsible for minimizing pain in your nervous system that leads to headaches and migraines.



3. Eucalyptus essential oil


Acting as a natural expectorant, eucalyptus essential oil aids in the cleansing of toxins and harmful compounds in your body. It also helps to clear up congestion in your nasal passages thus eliminating sinuses which may cause headaches. Eucalyptus essential oil also helps promote emotional and hormonal balance which boosts your mood.


4. Rosemary essential oil


Rosemary essential oil usage dates back to the old old days where it was common medicine for treating headaches and poor blood circulation. One of the most beneficial properties of rosemary essential oils is in its anti-inflammatory and stimulation promoting nature that also leads to a calming and soothing effect which improves orientation and attention.


You can also make use of these 4 organic essential oils by blending them to create a favorite blend that will specially treat your headache pains. Other effective oils to mix with include spearmint essential oil, chamomile essential oil, and tea tree essential oil.


To gain the maximum benefit from these aromatherapy diffusers oils, it is critical that you use only high-quality aromatherapy diffusers that do not use any heat or ones that contain any plastics. Using diffusers such as glass nebulizing diffusers are extremely effective in maintaining the purity of essential oils being dispersed due to being made of glass (so long as the glass is of high quality). 

1 Comment(s)

Corked, Inc.:
08/06/2018, 04:22:53 PM,

Very good to know! Thanks for sharing these! I'll be sure to pass them along next time one of my friends has a headache. Another chance to show someone how amazing essential oils are! :)

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