3 Organic Essential Oils That Promote Skin and Hair Health

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Aroma diffusers oils are a great way to promote both skin and hair health in a very safe and effective way, arguably just as good as conventional skin and hair products that you would purchase off the shelf.


For hair health, organic essential oils can help you add more volume to your hair, deal with unwanted dandruff, treat dry scalp issues, naturally lighten the color of your hair, or strengthen and add a shine to it.


For skin health, you can use organic essential oils to help improve your skin tone, reduce wrinkles, get rid of acne, and enhance how vibrant and youthful your face looks.


Not only are aroma diffusers oils great for improving your skin and hair health, they're much more cost-effective with a myriad of other benefits such as stress reduction, pain alleviation, and much more! Organic essential oils are completely natural if they are 100% pure (which is why it's so important to buy pure organic essential oils like those sold by ArOmis) and are free from toxic chemicals which pose risks and harm to your home environment.


Don't forget to use essential oil diffusers when incorporating essential oils in your home environment as it ensures even dissipation of these organic essential oils while keeping the purity intact for maximum benefit.


Without further ado, here is our selection of the best 3 organic essential oils to promote skin and hair health



1. Lavender Essential Oils



If you're looking to improve hair growth, lavender essential oils will be one of the top organic essential oils you should be using. Studies have shown that application of lavender oil on animals increased hair follicle counts in female mice. Further, as lavender works well to counter emotional stress, it helps combat hair thinning.

If you have acne problems or blemish issues, lavender essential oils work amazingly on top of containing anti-aging properties and helps in scar reduction and moisturizing dry skin. Lavender essential oils work very well on the mature skin due to its skin cell regeneration abilities and for dealing with sunspots and scarring. It also smells really good and works amazingly in relieving stress and anxiety.



2. Lemongrass Essential Oils



Filled with natural healing properties, lemongrass essential oil works effectively in repairing damaged skin including reducing wrinkles and healing of scars with the added benefit of strengthening hair follicles while soothing an itchy scalp. Scientific research has shown that lemongrass oil significantly reduced dandruff in as little as 7 days.

Other benefits of lemongrass essential oil include acting as a natural bug repellent and helping in relieving stress and treating headaches.



  3. Clary Sage Essential Oils



The most effective ester present in clary sage oil is linalyl acetate which helps in the reduction of skin inflammation while regulating the production of oil on the skin. Due to its natural properties of soothing skin inflammation, clary sage oil is great for acne and other skin issues that involve irritated skin cells.

One of the great benefits of clary sage essential oil is in its ability to relieve stress while balancing your body’s hormones. Ascertain types of hair loss is associated with an increase in stress or imbalance of hormones, clary sage oil can help counter these issues by acting as a natural remedy for hair loss related to stress.


To maximize the skin and hair health benefits of these organic essential oils, be sure to make use of a high-quality aromatherapy diffuser such as glass aromatherapy diffusers which ensure purity of your aroma diffusers oils.


With the increasing trend of essential oil use, it is important to find reliable information on organic essential oil impacts on your health. All of the information provided above has been scientifically backed and evidenced by research and controlled case studies. By simply maximizing the information from this blog post, you'll be on your way to having healthy skin and hair in no time!


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