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About Aromis Diffusers

Aromis diffusers are an air jet style nebulizer. It uses a small air pump inside the base to create pressure in the small tubes inside the nebulizer bottle which pull up small drops of oil which are hit by the air and vaporize. The large drops of oil hit the wall of the bottle and drop back down into the oil reservoir and the smallest droplets become vapor that float up and out into the air. 

We try not to toot our own horn too much but, its hard to deny our customer reviews. We do have the best diffuser out there and we really are super happy about it. Its not an accident either. We know what makes diffusing great and it shows.

 Some key points about what differentiates our diffusers

>1. Materials

What the diffuser is made of makes all the difference.  Essential oils are strong and can have really devastating effects on plastics. Plastics also have a reactive effect on essential oils so its bad in both directions. Releasing poisonous hydrocarbons is the last thing someone would want when trying to use essential oils. Making a diffuser out of plastic is quite simply a mistake. The entire essential oil chamber is made completely of glass and the entire base is made of a single piece of hand turned wood. 

2. Temperature


Oils should stay cool and not be heated by a candle or a lamp. Heating essential oils changes the chemical nature of the oils and often destroys the most subtle and powerful therapeutic components. Our ArOmis diffuser does not use heat, just cool air to create vapor. This is the best method by far. 

3. No carrier 

Most cheap plastic diffusers use water as a carrier